Consensual Blackmail Domination

Consensual blackmail domination takes dominance and submission to a whole new, exhilarating level. It completely removes the inherent control a sub has, thereby allowing me to take full control, absent any prearranged limits you might have. Obviously, you can always say no and refuse me, but KNOW that doing so would trigger serious consequences and wreak havoc throughout your life. I’d reveal your secrets, confessions, and photos without a second thought. The world would quickly discover what a naughty, debauched person you are.

People come to me for Consensual Blackmail because they have heard or read about my reputation for being a very straight, strict Blackmail Mistress when required.  Keep to the terms of your contract.. and no-one will ever know your secrets.  Fail on the terms of your contract.. I go to extreme lengths to completely smash your personal and private life apart.  No mercy.  Ever.


*NOTE: This page is for ordinary, contracted Consensual Blackmail.


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“I am @Nicholsfagslut a blackmailed slave of the superior Mistress Nichol.


Mistress has instructed me to write a short piece on why I can’t stay away from her even when my contract has ended. It is a good question, serving Mistress means doing the most degrading things, being insulted and losing my wallet to her? To be terrified of exposure.


So why would I keep signing new contracts? It seems the more I try and stay away.  The more my tiny clit gets hard about coming back and being her bitch. She has a spell over me that I can’t break. I am just prey to a dominant woman like her and wonder if I’ll ever be free again.”



Think about the rush and the mental anguish involved in consensual blackmail, knowing I can do absolutely anything to you and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Think about a life of being at the mercy of a demanding bitch- completely powerless, and coerced into doing the most slutty things to please and amuse me. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Of course, this may not be your ideal scenario at all.  It may be that you don’t want to do any ridiculous tasks.. you don’t want to have to do anything at all OTHER than pay your blackmail fee, as agreed as per your contract, and be taunted daily via calls, text message, Whatsapp, or maybe just emails.. about what will happen if you do not continue to pay your weekly fee.  I can force you to give up personal information to me, adding to my ammunition to use against you if you don’t pay.  That is something I am incredibly good at doing!


Consensual blackmail is a never-ending vicious cycle. Once I have a little bit of your info, it’s easy to get more. After you send the first batch, it’s over- you have no choice but to send whatever else I request. And once I have a little, I only want more. I prefer toying with you, and diligently extracting valuable and seemingly harmless information with every conversation…every email…every instant message. Each time you’re left more exposed and vulnerable than before.

You might be wondering if I’d really blackmail you into a life of extreme perversion. Or if I’d totally fuck you over for refusing to do the slutty things I demand you do. The answer is yes, I wouldn’t hesitate. Consensual blackmail is very real to me. I’m prepared to take it as far as I have to to get what I want. How far are you willing to go to test me??

Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’ll destroy you all at once. I prefer incremental destruction. I bet it frightens you to know that I’m sitting back actively plotting and devising your destruction. Consensual blackmail is about me imposing my will upon you. Should I have to resort to ruining you, I like to start small and make my presence and control known. Should you not surrender to my demands, I’ll take full mind control of you a little at a time, until you either conform to my demands and show total obedience, or until you’re totally destroyed. The choice is yours and yours alone – it makes no difference to me.

How you choose to carry out your consensual blackmail scenario with me is entirely up to you.  You may wish for me to use the contract against you for all manner of debauched ideas.. bringing your fantasies to life as far as your fetishes go perhaps…

Or you may decide that ALL you actually want from me is for me to take your hard earned cash from you once a week, and send you one email just to tell you what I am going to spend it on, all for myself, giving you no tasks to do.. merely just taking your money.  How you go about this scenario is completely your choice and will be agreed at the start of your contract period.

So how do you become my blackmailed sub? For starters, don’t send your information unsolicited and expect me to spend my time and effort blackmailing you. That’s the quickest way to get blocked. Consensual blackmail involves a considerable amount of time and effort on my part. Regular tributes are required. I don’t play for free, after all. If that’s something you can’t or don’t understand, I suggest you seek out another Mistress.

To me, this is no game; in fact I take it very seriously indeed.  I WILL expose you if you force me to, by not adhering to the contract terms and conditions which we will agree between us beforehand, or by not paying your tribute fee ON TIME without needing to be reminded.

I also need you to be aware that I will collect personal and private information from you over time.  This information can and will be used against you should I need to, and I have no problem with turning your world upside down.  Providing you keep to the terms of the contract that we agree on, and continue to pay your weekly tribute WITHOUT being reminded, you will never be exposed.

Your contract can be ended in two ways.

  • Either by reaching the end of the contract term.
  • Or by you paying your buy out fee, which will be 5 x your weekly tribute fee.

Once your contract has ended, all your personal and private information collected by me, shall be deleted, removed, or destroyed.  No silly games.  

My BASIC contract is:

£50 per week

Basic contracts:

Basic contracts: are no more than simple debts.  These are perfect for those who are just stepping into this fetish and are a little scared.

There is nothing more than one email from me each week as far as the interraction goes.  We will agree an amount that is owed and how long it must be paid over.  You will then pay your weekly or monthly payment as agreed beforehand. 

There are no tasks to do and there is no other communication with me other than one message a week.  This is simply a message each week to remind you of what I will do if you fail to make your next payment.  Once you have paid your entire "debt" off, thats the end of it.

My PARTIME contract is:  

£75 per week

Part time include:

  • Contact with me via methods such as Whatsapp messenger / email / text, 3 days per week
  •  ONE task per week depending on your fetishes with video/photographic proof of completion of this task
  • Access to a personalised, discreet section on my website, detailing your exploits for you to see often (hidden from public view).
  • At my discretion –occasional photos, video clips & voice clips from me made especially for you.

My FULL TIME contracts start at:

£100 per week

Full time contracts include:

  • Contact with me via methods such as Whatsapp messenger / email / text, 5 days per week
  •  THREE tasks per week depending on your fetishes with video/photographic proof of completion of this task
  • A rather nice 25% discount on any hourly solo sessions in person with me. 
  • Access to a personalised, discreet section on my website, detailing your exploits for you to see often as you wish. (hidden from public view).
  • At my discretion –occasional photos, video clips & voice clips from me made especially for you.




To start your consensual journey of consensual blackmail domination, simply contact me with Consensual Blackmail Domination as  your subject line, and tell me how you understand that you will be tributing me on a weekly or monthly basis (in advance) and how much you need this from me.

I look forward to toying with you immensely…




for all of your Consensual Blackmail enquiries.