The Coerced Bi Double


Mistress Nichol, her boys & a bitch.

And before you ask, as a few have done in the past, YES, this is 100% accurate and true... and you can watch the video to see for yourself...



He asked for this, explicitly.


He came to me telling me of his decades-long fantasy. He wanted to be taken, by 2 cocks orally… forcefully. Many many times he had visited other Mistresses but not once had he managed to go through with it. They allowed him to back out at the last minute, despite previous discussions and agreements NOT to.


We spoke at length of this fantasy… but eventually, he agreed he was too scared so arranged the time with me for just the ONE cock to service as a way of gently preparing him for a future heavier session. Even just the one cock servicing terrified him! Out of session, he is a “man’s man”. Masculine, in control and very professional. I had sympathy for his fears… sort of.


But at the back of my mind was his DOUBLE fantasy….


I do what I say I am going to do. No backing out, no mercy EVER.


Everything was to be recorded. Oral face fucking to completion and regardless of what he said to me, he was not allowed to back out at the last moment. He was told clearly, “If you walk through my Chambers door, it’s happening. I will NOT stop no matter how much you beg”. He understood and appreciated my determination to fulfil his desires.


He called in early to sign a disclaimer – this was very important. But from that moment on, he was mine.


The clock hit 12 and in he walked.


The moment he came in, I stripped him and cuffed him before raiding his pockets to relieve him of his tribute to me then pushing him back to the floor where he belongs.


He was stripped, cuffed, and began his oral training with my strap-on. There was no finesse at all… simply forced that big black rubber cock into his mouth and down his throat, waiting for the inevitable gags that followed. I watched him licking it, practicing for what lay ahead…


He believed only ONE cock was to be serviced today. But as his Mistress who loves to bring fantasies to life… I had other ideas.


He was hooded, cuffed and strapped to the side of my bench, hands and arms outstretched in the “cross” position whilst sitting on a low stool – just the right height. I called them in…


As the door opened to my call of “BOYS”… in walked BOTH of my well-hung boys. My bitch on the floor had no idea at this stage. He couldn’t see a damn thing just yet…


Both of my boys have real man-sized cocks and both of them are eager to use it to its fullest potential! Without waiting for an invitation, one of my boys whipped out his monster meat and holding bitch’s nose, waited until he opened his mouth and swiftly pushed his throbbing appendage deep into his mouth and throat. I was amused at the way his cheeks widened as his mouth spread around the girth of this almighty sexual weapon which was now well and truly assaulting his face. He began immediately pumping slowly into his mouth… sliding in and out over and over, letting bitch feel the full length and girth of his manhood, amusingly watching him drool and gag with saliva already pooling down his chin. He began to struggle, whipping his head from side to side to try to escape my sub forcing this massive cock down his throat, snatching away his inability to breathe properly. We couldn’t have that! So I hopped up onto the bench, wrapped a booted thigh either side of his head, trapping it firmly between my thighs. Now he couldn’t move.


“Fuck his face, hard” came my response to my sub. And being the good sub that he is, he obliged. There was nowhere for bitch to move to. So all he could do was open his mouth, try to breathe through his nose and just take the oral assault he was now being dealt.


It was time for him to see. He still didn’t know at this point there were TWO cocks awaiting their turn to fuck his face off – and I figured it was time he could see. So in one sweep, my sub pulled out of his mouth and I whipped off his hood thus allowing him to see around the room once more.

The look on his face – that fear – fucking priceless!


“NO NO NO”! Was all he could weakly murmur. “YES YES YES” came my reply! “Yes bitch, you damn well WILL suck these cocks of mine, because I said so”! Still, he shook his head, attempting to indicate that he was horrified at the idea of servicing both of my cocks!! But I expected this … so I had a plan.


“I think you WILL suck these cocks.. and happily!” I whispered to him. “Do you want to know why you will do this willingly”? He nodded swiftly, wanting to know how I could make him do this for me. “Remember this morning when you came in and signed your disclaimer.. and at the same time, you voluntarily, without any prompting at all from me, told me out loud your real name”? “Yes” he stuttered back at me. And at that point, without a further word, I showed him a teeny tiny clip on my mobile phone. Just 10 seconds long, it showed a clip of PAUL telling me his real name, whilst signing his disclaimer. Yes, I filmed him.. and he had no idea.


The moment that he realised the damage I could do to him, now that I had his real personal information as ammunition, is a moment I shall never forget. The look of utter shock and fear in his eyes was incredible!! The power it gave me over him was one of the biggest turn-on’s you can possibly imagine! “So you see,” I told him… “you WILL please my boys and service their cocks to your best ability, or I will take this footage and post it all over my social media, thus making sure you’re family find out what a cock-sucking little bitch boy you really are”! And with a terrified slow-blink, he nodded in affirmation of my wishes. Not that he had a choice – he was doing this because I told him he was and that’s all there was to it!


Now it was my other boys turn. Just as my first sub had done, he took his place in front of the bound bitch and oral went at him like a cock with real purpose! Deeply, he pushed his hardening member deep into bitch’s throat – faster – harder – until he was full-on face fucking him, stretching his mouth around that widening cock ALL for my total and utter debauched amusement!


My boys and I wanted this “experience” to last a while… so they alternated after each had spent a few mins orally fucking my bitch. Swapping and changing every few minutes, they both made absolutely sure that bitch had his fantasy fulfilled ten-fold, whether he wanted it in that moment or not! You come, you ask – we make it happen. That’s really all there is to it!


Over and over they swapped, again and again, they changed, each pushing their rock hard cocks straight down his well-spoken, suburban throat. I watched as the look in his eyes changed…. From initial fear to complete and utter extasy. That’s what happens when you drift away into your subspace.. and this oral assault was making sure that’s exactly what happened to my bitch. In the space of 2 hours, he knew that this was how it was going to be. And he accepted it.


That’s what happens when the “choice” is taken away from you in the world of KINK. You become very very quickly desensitized to your situation once you know that no matter what you say or do, this Mistress IS going to get her own way. If she demands it, she is damn well making sure she gets it!


Faster and faster they fucked his face hard. Then, upon seeing he was literally really beginning to relax and enjoy himself, my boys decided a little extra humiliation was justified. So they proceeded to slap their fat, hard cocks against his face… each time leaving little streaks of their own pre-cum wiped across his features leaving little silky trails everywhere. Over and over they slapped their cocks across his face… a real face slapping for a real bitch! Watching his cheeks redden and not knowing whether it was the humiliation of it all that was causing it… or the sheer force of those hard cocks face-slapping that bitch repeatedly!


But I could hear my boys both beginning to breathe faster… they wanted to really make a true bitch of this new slut of mine and fill his mouth and face full of hot, salty bitch juice. Standing in a queue for his mouth, each made their way towards his drooling face… almost eager to take every drop of these real men's hot cum!


My first boy.. forcefully he rammed his throbbing cock straight down bitch’s throat and fucked him for all he was worth. Grabbing hold of a handful of his hair, he forced his mouth down until the head of his cock was threatening to force its way out of the back of bitch’s neck! Over and over he pumped away, grunting as he felt his own pleasure building. Then with one hard FUCK.. he exploded into his mouth and straight down bitch’s throat. Pulsating with the feel of his strong orgasm that almost made his legs shake with pleasure. Watching the bitch gagging whilst quickly swallowing every drop of hot cum was one of the hottest moments of all…. Particularly as he realised that there was STILL one more set of balls to empty yet! Withdrawing from his gaping mouth… my boy stood back allowing my second to step forward and take his place at bitch’s mouth.


Slowly, he pushed in and out, in and out, taking much pleasure in ensuring the bitch felt every single slow deep thrust, feeling his own pleasure explosion building gradually, just as he liked it. Building speed he fucked that mouth of his for what seemed like an eternity.. before finally swiftly withdrawing from his mouth and with a hard few second wank, exploded his hot seed all over bitch’s face and hair!! Then just before he too stepped away… he took one final swipe of his still throbbing cock and wiped every drop of remaining cum all over the face and lips of bitch before telling him to lick up every bit.. and laughing as he did. So so humiliating I’m sure!


My boys were dismissed … before the bitch was left to clean up all of the mess… as it should be! And once my floor was cleaned, he was thrown out back onto the street, never to be even thought about again!


Until next time..






He knew the moment he stepped through my chambers door he had no choice. He asked for this .. he wanted it.

He most certainly got it!