About Me


I am Mistress Nichol from Manchester UK.  I am terribly kinky, awfully delicious and extremely sexual and sensual.  But is there more to me than a little leather and PVC?


Of course there is.  I am also a writer, and currently, have several of my published pieces on the Internet.  I write for various websites, including several BDSM sites .. (yes, the kink is never far from my mind!)  


Dogs like bones - men like meat - and I take pride in my figure and my curves!  I am not a skinny girl by any means, thankfully!!  I adore my hourglass figure and know exactly how to dress to accentuate my womanly curves, for your viewing pleasure only! 


The final piece of information I will give you about myself is I am, it’s fair to say I am rather good when it comes to Psychology.  This put together with my highly tuned sensuality skills really do make me the absolutely ideal Mistress for anyone who is a little unsure or timid in any way, and like a finger to a glove to any seasoned sub.  Getting in your mind and understanding you and your desires are what I do best.  You will, of course, find this out for yourself… sooner or later. 

I look forward to playing with your mind AND your body.


My Expectations Of You


This is a question I am asked a lot and a very good question at that.  If you are a brand new potential sub, slave or sissy, how are you to know exactly HOW to approach a Mistress for the first time?  I actually feel sorry for those who contact me saying “I’ve wanted to contact you for so long, but been too scared / intimidated to initiate conversation”.  I always think how sad it is that they have potentially wasted a lot of kink playtime which it was totally unnecessary!


Of course, Mistresses are very different from each other, all having different styles and attitudes towards their craft.  I am a Mistress that other several other Mistresses send their subs to, to give them a warm and calm introduction to BDSM and sessions.. it happens to be one of my specialities.  I do of course dearly enjoy seasoned subs too just as much.. how wonderful it is to welcome someone new to my chambers who is already pre-trained and knows what is expected!


Mistresses come in very different shapes and sizes.  Different nationalities, different fetishes covered, different levels of administrative pain.. or not, different entirely from each other.  But there is one area that Mistresses are all quite similar on.  The respect that they command from their subs, either during initial communication or throughout their entire ownership period.  We expect that you respect what we do and always remember that we are women underneath the leather and latex.


Of course, I cannot speak for every Mistress, rather only for myself.  But as a respected and well-known Mistress, I wanted to put forth my feelings on how best to approach a (ProDomme) Mistress, in my opinion.


  • Do start with a short, warm and respectful message.  Ie:  Hello Mistress, My name is blah.. I am interested in discussing a possible session with you.. etc.

  • Do address her as Mistress in your message or contact with her.  If someone calls me  "Nichol", I switch off and ignore.

  • Do have the ability to tell her exactly what you are looking for as far as fetishes go.  For her to give you a great session or ownership, she will need to know exactly what makes you tick.

  • Do be honest with her at all times.  I cannot speak for all other Mistresses, but certainly, the Mistresses that I am friends with are all highly intelligent and articulate ladies.  A tiny sniff of a lie is all that is needed to make her close the door on you forever.  She will not lie to you, do not lie to her.

  • Do be ready and able to pay a deposit if she deems it necessary (some do, some don’t) for potential time spent with her.  If you do not, it is highly likely she will think you are fake and refuse to indulge in any further communication with you.  (It’s certainly what I do if I request a deposit and this request is refused!).

  • Do understand that you are far from the only sub or slave that Mistress has.  Therefore, if it appears it takes her some time to reply to you, this doesn’t mean she isn’t going to.  She will get around to your message as soon as she possibly can if she wants to.


Try not to be afraid.  All subs and Mistresses were new to the scene once upon a time.  I fully understand how nervous a sub can be when first contacting a Mistress.. but do not make the mistake of letting your nerves ruin your chance of seeing the Mistress of your dreams.


Take your balls in your hand.. and make that call to your first Mistress.  And make the most of it, because the next time they are in hand, it shall be in the capable hands of your Mistress..!​


Got a question you want to ask me?


Contact me and ask away!  


I look forward to meeting you very soon.