Coerced Bi Face Fuck


I don’t often write about my sessions. It always seems too personal to do that in some ways. Also I do of course enjoy giving the element of surprise in my sessions… it’s occasionally good NOT to always know exactly what you’re going to get. Trust your Mistress. And if you do trust her, you don’t need to know what’s going to happen to you. If you trust her, you will know you are safe. That’s what matters. Be safe and let go. And that’s exactly what this sub did.

If you don’t want to read about COERCED BI… stop reading right now.



This session was a Coerced Bi session to remember.


The room was very warm. It needed to be because scared people are cold. And no-one can find their head space whilst they are thinking about feeling the chill. I ensured it was plenty warm enough.. I wanted him as comfortable as he could be. I had met him before in many previous sessions; which in a way, made his fear and nerves that much worse. He knew was I was capable of…


He arrived to my slave girl laid across my bench, in sub kneeling position, head down, fastened firmly with thick leather cuffs and straps all around her. She wasn’t moving an inch unless I allowed her to, that’s for sure!


He walked in to the sight of his Mistress, myself of course, clad in leather from head to foot… and my slave girl naked apart from a thick leather harness on her body.. tightly bound to my bench. He didn’t know where to look. Mind blowingly terrified yet excited.. is the best way to describe his demeanour at this point.


STRIP. That’s all he heard. Mistress yanked off his belt so hard she would have left burn marks on his waist had he been naked. Within moments, his clothes were on the floor, kicked over to one side with no regard to their screwed up condition. Collar, cuffs and I was ready to roll.


I pointed out that his story … his “requirements list” was more of an episode of War and Peace than a mere email describing his desires. Do we REALLY need for you toys to write so bloody much? I really don’t have the inclination to sit there and read reams and reams of bollocks from you. Don’t flower it… just say what you want in a short simple sentences!! So…. Despite what his requests were… he was visiting MY dungeon, and Mistress Nichol… I.. take orders from no-one.

I took his main points and obviously regarded his safety and health at all times, but I alone filled in the details of what he was about to receive.


His punishment was about to begin.


He was told exactly where to lick her, where to kiss her, where to suck on her… And like an obedient little puppy, he behaved beautifully. Never for a moment did his slave tongue slip !out of place; following my fingers to exactly where I wanted him. My slave girl was loving it rather too much if you ask my opinion! I KNOW he was doing all he could to get her to cum on his face… I soon put a stop to that! That would a treat!!.. and this slave wasn’t coming for a treat. She WAS his aperitif of course.. his main meal would now be served.


Naturally, I was unhappy with his performance on my slave girl. She was expelled from the room, back to her kitchen cage, where she belongs. But not before she welcomed into the room my dear associate, Sir B.


Standing facing the wall, slave could hear his voice, quietly commanding …



So naturally, the slave submitted. Blindfolded, slave knelt, waiting for what was to about to come. Terrified… trusting.. but scared..

I told slave of his misdemeanours. How he failed to make my slave girl cum.. how he failed to please her and in fact probably anyone at all up until that point. So now, he was going to please Sir B, exactly as Sir wanted him to, assisted of course by myself and the stunning Mistress Missy, who at this moment walked in the room to also join our little gathering. She blindfolded him there and then.. I am sure I could feel him quivering a little with fear.



Following clear instructions given to him by myself, Mistress Missy and Sir B, slave put his hands on Sir’s cock.. over his trousers for now. He had to feel how it grew slowly as the slave fondled Sir’s balls, leaned in and kissed them through his pants… his own cock looking more irrelevant than ever. He realised something I hadn’t openly advertised, up to this moment. Sir B was chosen for a specific reason. He was the most enormous girth cock! I mean a real mouthful for anyone! And it was getting larger and thicker by the moment. Slave followed instructions and slowly undid Sir B’s trousers with his teeth, pulled down his zip and used the tips of his fingers to drop them to the floor. And there it was. Sir B’s now HUGE throbbing cock, bobbing around almost touching the tip or slaves nose right there and then! At this moment, I removed slaves blindfold.


I am certain that was the moment I saw the slaves eyes widen with fear. He was bound tightly.. nowhere to go, no way to move. Roped up to the bench with his head firmly being held myself, Mistress Missy tormenting and torturing his own rather inadequate looking cock at this point… he watched in fear as Sir B walked over in front of him, took his large hard cock in his hand and hit him around the face, several times, pre-cum slightly dribbling out and going all over the face of the tightly bound slave. He couldn’t stop him. He couldn’t move an inch. He could only whimper as Sir took his time, wiping his hard cock all slaves face… dragging it across his lips… taunting him all the time, telling him what he was going to do to him.


Then as Mistress Missy held slaves nose, Sir B waited for slave to show a small opening in his mouth.. and forcefully rammed his stiff cock straight down the throat of the slave. I laughed as I saw his eyes widen as the muscles and skin around his own cheeks tightened, stretched from Sir forcing his thick man meat down the tightly bound slaves throat. And he started to face fuck him… and he fucked his face for the longest time ever! Occasionally, I allowed the slave a moment to breathe… but only occasionally. The rest of the time, breathe through your nose or not at all!! And Sir fucked his mouth like it was the sweetest pussy ever! Gag after gag the slave tried everything to avoid the cock but to no avail. There was nowhere to go.  Mistress Missy had his balls in her hand and every time he tried to pull away, a little tight squeeze was all the reminder he needed to keep that mouth nice and wide. Kneeling behind him, I had his head held tightly between my magnificent breasts… gripping onto his head, holding him tightly so that his mouth was facing one direction ONLY at all times…. The direction Sirs cock was facing!


Now slow deep strokes… Sir pushed it in.. withdrew it… then straight back down again, time and time again. All the time slave was being reminded from both Mistresses of why this was happening to him. Why he was getting the face fucking of his life! Why we were not letting him go…NOT until Sir was satisfied.



I left Sir under no misunderstanding of what I wanted to happen to the slave. Sir knew all he wanted to do was fuck the face off the slave hard, banging him orally like nothing he had ever known… and wanted to fill the slave's belly with the hot seed of a Master… taking him like the bitch he now was.


And he fucked him hard.


Slave was whimpering… little struggles.. but he knew he had a job to do now; he had to please both Mistresses and Sir. And he knew exactly what they wanted from him.


So he sucked.. and he opened wide… and before long came the reassuring noise from Sir that was ready. OPEN WIDE BITCH… and Sir fucked him faster and harder before forcing the entire shaft hard down the slaves throat, emptying his dominant balls into his mouth, not withdrawing for a moment as he emptied. Mistress Missy holding slaves nose, FORCING him to swallow every last drop of Sirs hot thick cum. ALL of it.. and Sir really does cum a lot.. several mouthfuls without a doubt!


Eventually… Sir withdrew, told slave that's what happens to Forced Bi sluts that come in asking to be orally ruined. He was now his bitch.. and he couldn’t wait for the next time he met him.. because next time, that cock will be going up his ass.. making a real bitch of him once and for all!


Now THAT, my dear toys, was a session I shall never ever forget.. and I wouldn’t mind betting, the slave is thinking the exact same thing!