My Rules

Here are my rules.  They are non-negotiable as they are in your interest as well as mine.

If you do not agree with any of my rules, or you desire one of the fetishes that are listed on my NO list below then clearly we are not suited and I request that you contact another Mistress.

Please read my NO list carefully before contacting me. 

Requests for anything listed below shall be ignored.


  • No I do NOT offer Naked or Semi Naked sessions
  • No I do NOT offer Sex!!!
  • No Hard Sports
  • No I do not offer wrestling sessions
  • No Adult Baby play
  • No Personal Body Worship
  • No Facesitting
  • No Insisting that I wear a particular outfit.  You may request an outfit by all means, but I will always have the final say depending on the session content and if your requested outfit is appropriate.
  • No offers of “houseboy”, “cleaning slave”, “sissy maid” or anything similar thank you.  I have a personal slave to fulfil those needs, and it is indeed a very privileged role and not one I would offer to just anyone. My private chambers are private.  
  • Half hour sessions are available ONLY for Foot Fetish sessions or Corporal Punishment.  Sessions including these AND other fetishes are 1-hour minimum.  



There are NO personal sexual services being offered by Mistress Nichol.



Mistress Nichol prides herself on her sessions being held with the utmost discretion.  Confidentiality is both given and expected during her sessions and afterwards.  Any personal issues that arise from booking a session with Mistress are of your concern only and not hers.  She has no interest whatsoever in your private and personal life.


Do not be disrespectful towards Mistress by asking for sex of any kind with her.  Under no circumstances will Mistress EVER show sexual favour towards a submissive.  Why on earth would she anyway?  No sex - ever.  Mistress is strictly a Dominatrix and NOT an escort.


Mistress will respect all subs and their boundaries at all times.  You will show her the same respect or be ejected from her chambers, with a black mark against your name.  Mistress Nichol shares information on subs who receive black marks with other Mistresses, so if you are barred from one for bad behaviour and disrespect, you will be barred from all.


You will ensure Mistress knows of any illnesses or personal issues upon booking your session with her so that they may be addressed immediately.  This saves both your and her time being wasted.


Mistress Nichol is inoculated against fluid and blood viruses.  This includes Coronavirus.  She will expect you to be clean and honest with her at all times about your state of health.


To book your session with Mistress, you may choose to either telephone her for a short and “to the point” consultation and discussion or email her to discuss your requirements in a little more detail.  Please respect Mistress Nichols time and do not treat telephone calls like a free adult chat line.  Remember, Mistress will ONLY answer callers that have not with-held their telephone number.  NO private calls will be answered ever.  So if you DO choose to try to waste her time, she WILL have your phone number to report and block you with.  This also stands for “no-shows”.


Mistress spends a lot of time on her personal care and presentation and expects the same from you.  You will arrive for your session clean, showered and prepared.  This is especially important for any anal play or needle play sessions.  Failure to keep yourself as clean as possible may result in a further charge being made, or refusal by Mistress Nichol to session with you again.  And that is something you do NOT want!  Bad personal hygiene is STRICTLY forbidden and is guaranteed to have your session halted with no further invitation to return.


You are expected to show up on time (no more than 5 minutes early) for your session with Mistress Nichol.  If you are late, this time will be deducted from your session.  Mistress is a very busy Domme indeed and will not allow your lateness to cross over into the path of another subs session.


If you are a new sub to session with Mistress, she MAY require that you pay a deposit on your first visit to ensure her time is not wasted if you change your mind.  If you DO need to cancel or change your session time, giving a minimum of 6 hours notice means that you may well get the opportunity to rebook with Mistress in the future.  Last minute cancellations and “no-shows” are ALWAYS reported and blocked from future bookings.  All deposits are non-refundable.


And finally… Just so you know… 

I cannot wait to meet YOU and bring you under my control both physically and mentally.


Contact Me Now to discuss your session or scenario desires.