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Thank you so much for the session on Saturday, I am still replaying it in my head.  Firstly, I have to apologise for seeming a little 'closed off', I am not used to openly talking about my kinks, and I am quite reserved around new people anyway, so the combination of both these things made it a little hard going for you to get information out of me!

For my homework, you asked me to critique what I liked and disliked about the session, so here goes:

1. First off, you are an amazing human being!  You made me feel initially terrified, but then safe and cared for all at once.  Your approach was a lot more gentle than I had expected, and so a lot of my nerves and fears were allayed.  Your stern but warm demeanour was just what I was looking for.  When you asked why I chose you, it was basically because you weren't a stick thin 22 year old with no life experience.  Your profile made you seem like someone who accepted herself and her kinks, and I saw you as someone I could give my respect to and actually learn something from!  And yes, although initially terrifying, you looked fantastic in your outfit, and I couldn't help stealing a few glances at your beautiful deep cleavage during the session!

2. Getting undressed: I have real issues with my body, so seeing it in the mirror was definitely hard for me.  You were really nice and supportive about it, which put me at ease, but for me, this was by far the hardest part of the session.  After this initial conversation, I really didn't notice or worry about my nakedness.  I can't say I am cured, but it was a step in a positive direction.

3. Being tied, blindfolded, and ear defenders: This was the first time I had been tied up and I loved it, the pose was great, comfortable, but very little motion (felt a bit like a prayer pose, that or begging for mercy, either way was fun).  Then, with the addition of blindfold and ear defenders, this was really scary but very exciting, the feeling of vulnerability.  I liked the isolation far more than I would have expected.  Your lightest touch felt amplified, not knowing what was coming next.  Definitely enjoyed your rope work.  I would love to do more of it, combined with the isolation, which was a very pleasant surprise

4. Impact play: My jury is out on this. Firstly, it was exciting because it was a new experience.  I don't consider myself a 'pain junkie' so there was no enjoyment of the pain itself (the crop and the cane did both sting, the others were not so bad), but I did enjoy the experience of losing count and having to start again, the feeling of being unable to argue and just submit to your will was intense.  I also felt huge relief when each round was over (maybe that is part of the thrill?).  I certainly wouldn't rule impact play out, but I wouldn't want a session that solely consisted of it either.  I definitely see it as a punishment rather than a pleasure!

5. 'Forced' Intox: Yes please!  I remember having 'liquid gold' as a teenager and it being like your unmarked bottle, it was a trip back to when they used amyl nitrate, not the weak stuff we get today.  That said though, a new bottle of Amsterdam Gold (it doesn't keep well) does the job for me and it is very cheap.  Poppers hold happy memories of teenage rebellion, so I enjoyed this very much.  I am also far more willing and compliant after a good sniff.

6. Balls being tied: I enjoyed this. The restriction felt great.  Extreme CBT is not for me, having seen some of the images on your site, but I would definitely try some milder play.  Not sure about hanging 4kg weights from them though, they hang low as it is, I don't want to end up having to tuck them into my socks!  When asked, "Do you like CBT?", I instantly went to the extremes end in my head (gelding, crown of thorns, etc) and said 'no' as a knee-jerk reaction.  Again I wouldn't say it is a hard no, maybe try wax play, compression, stretching, light flogging or something next time?  I just remember a friend being kicked in the nuts by a girl and afterwards gaining the nickname Womble as he was only left with one ball.  So I am somewhat put off when I see ball kicking (funny what stays with you).

7. Anal play: Loved it. The feel of your fingers was incredible.  I would love to build to bigger toys, the only times I have had a full on prostate orgasm has been through using my larger toys, and it was almost instant following the stretch (combined with poppers and it was mind blowing, nothing like normal ejaculation).  I also liked being commended on my abilities, it made me feel very 'slutty'.  I wish I could have seen how much I leaked, it felt like buckets but was probably just a few drops.  I don't get much pre-cum normally so the prostate milking felt incredibly intense to me. 

8. Electro play: I have the 'eStim 2B' (just checked) I have tried it in the past and have heard that you can achieve prostate orgasms using it, but I have had no luck, for me it is just like very intense pins and needles.  Your machine was much the same as mine, but the probes are definitely a game changer (I have already ordered a butt plug for mine).  The anal plug was great, I was getting a nice but intense internal massage as my sphincter contracted, the penis plug on the other hand just tickled, and if it had gone much higher, would have really hurt.  I would try them again as perhaps there is a 'sweet spot' where the magic happens.  I will do some home study on this one!

9. Aftercare: You were lovely, thanks for the water and the hug!  I would love to have had longer to debrief (and no, I don't mean take my pants off), but to have had 10 minutes to talk about this type of stuff.  I know we were a bit rushed due to it being a 1 hour session and trying to cram everything in (these unintended double entendre are terrible!) I should definitely have booked 90 minutes to allow a bit of time to sit and unpack, but my logic was that if we were incompatible (which I hope wasn't the case),  it would be better for one hour than 90 mins!

While repeating the session in my head just now I realise you were trying to get me to admit to liking cum eating when asking me which porn I watch.  At the time, my inner monologue was just screaming, 'don't admit you like bi/sissy hypnosis or transgender porn, she may have people hidden in the next room ready to pounce on me'!  I didn't even think about CEI at the time, hence the deer in headlights moment (also, I wasn't sure if CEI was okay with you and didn't want to offend)!  I am not interested in participating in forced bi per se, but I find the 'threat/promise' of it a huge turn-on if that makes sense (hence the sissy and trans porn)?  Perhaps I should have had a coffee meet with you first, and I may have been a bit more open on this topic, but I am so glad I just dived right in as I had so much fun that I would have missed out on had we just talked!

In summary I had an absolute blast!  I really enjoyed the experience, I will be a lot more at ease if we meet again and probably get a lot more out of the session.  My stand out moment of the session was you telling me to relax which is easier said than done when you are being turned into a glove puppet!  I had a preconceived misconception that sessions were very serious and 'all business', but instead could actually be fun and have some humour about them.

Kind regards,

Sub J




Deciding to visit a Mistress for the first time is incredibly nerve-wracking and exciting, if like me you decide to make the jump into the amazing limitless world of kink, there's no better place to start than under the black leather boot of Mistress Nichol.

I had asked Mistress for a Forced Bi session.. and without going into all the finer details, I certainly got what I paid for!! A mind-blowing experience that left me on my knees, wrists cuffed, cum from the ridiculously large penis off Mistresses male assistant still dripping from the spider gag that had held my mouth open.

Make no mistake.. Whatever kink you ask for, there are no half measures, Mistress Nichol has the tools for the job in her amazing Playroom.

Again if it's your first time, don't let doubt stop you from taking that first step. My session with Mistress was actually at very short notice and we did not have time to talk on the phone beforehand so Mistress originally had no idea that it was my first time. But she is an incredibly professional, passionate and caring woman, within 2 minutes of me arriving she knew from body language alone that I was new to this concept.

Mistress had the ability to revamp the session into one perfectly tailored for a beginner, so on top off an amazing Forced Bi experience.. I had also been gently introduced to Wax Play, CBT, flogging, and lots and lots of Anal Play!

It was a Subs dream!  X




REVIEW COPIED FROM MY ADULTWORK PROFILE - 13/12/19 and repeated on 15/1/20


Rating & Feedback    

Positive - Fantastic comms, easy to find, good parking close by. Great playroom with plenty of high-class equipment. Mistress was awesome throughout. I will return

About the Venue   -  Score: 10/10

Easy to find with lots of roadside parking very close to Mistress Nichol’s premises. There is also a car park should you prefer not to park on the road. Mistress Nichol will summon you when she is ready. The entrance is discreet and private. The premises are clean and tidy and Mistress’s playroom is fully stocked with all manner of equipment and implements for her enjoyment!

About MistressNichol   -  Physical  Score: 10/10

Mistress Nichol is absolutely stunning and was dressed to show herself at her best. She obviously takes great care with her appearance. Mistress Nichol is all woman with great curves in all the right places. Her pictures are accurate but do not do her full justice.


Personality  -  Score: 10/10
Prior to our meeting, we had spent some time talking through my previous experiences and we discussed what I was hoping to experience during our time together. Mistress was easy to talk to and I felt she took the time to fully understand what I was hoping to experience. As I was going to be on the receiving end of four new experiences and this was our first meeting, Mistress kept me informed of what was happening during the session which built my confidence in what she was doing. Mistress started gently and built the mood gradually but noticeably, which is what I had wanted. Although I was experiencing a number of new things, was pushed and had my limits tested, I never felt the session was out of control. I felt Mistress enjoyed putting me through my paces. The session ran smoothly and it’s clear Mistress Nichol enjoys her role and is excellent at what she does.


Services   -  Score: 10/10
I am a crossdresser who enjoys bondage and am currently on a voyage of discovery to experience new things. Having researched Mistress Nichol’s profile and website thoroughly I felt she was the right Mistress to introduce me to sounding, electrics, and wax all while being strapped down tightly to her bench and when the time was right Mistress added poppers to the equation which I had requested.

About the Meeting  -  Score: 10/10

This was my first meeting with Mistress Nichol and she greeted me warmly and broke the ice with some great conversation which really helped relax me and set the mood. I normally wear some of my female clothes under my regular clothes and as I removed my male clothing Mistress was surprised and appeared pleased that I took my passion so seriously.


Mistress wanted to see me walk in both my lower and higher heels and complimented me on my ability to walk naturally in them. It was then time to be strapped down to Mistress’ bench starting with ankle and wrist cuffs which were attached to the frame of the bench which spread my legs. Mistress then strapped me down tightly with a number of belts. I was not going anywhere once she had finished and the feeling was great. Mistress started with sounding and after showing me an enormous dilator started with something much more realistic. I was surprised how easily it went in and the feeling was great. What really surprised me was how far it went in and the sensations it produced, it was amazing and all without any pain. Mistress then used three or four larger dilators including one which was like a series of beads, the feelings the different dilators gave were amazing. Next came the electric butt plug. I think Mistress could sense my apprehension but explained what she was doing and what I should expect.


Mistress started gently and built up the current gradually while introducing different settings to create different feelings. Next came a dilator with electrical connections and my cock was given the same gradually increasing treatment which was amazing. After that came both at the same time which was mind-blowing. Thinking I had just experienced the ultimate sensations I could not believe the effect adding poppers to the equation would have, it was literally the best feeling ever.


After several well-controlled minutes, Mistress brought me back down and let me catch my breath. Next came hot wax and although quite apprehensive I was surprised how pleasurable the mixture of brief sharpness of pain and warmth was. After being released from the bench and some more play had been conducted it was time to finish. I had the most amazing time and I am only too glad I do not live nearby as Mistress Nichol could become a serious addiction. I will be returning in the new year and may take advantage of a session including one of her slaves. I cannot recommend Mistress Nichol highly enough, she is stunningly attractive, a great communicator, excellent at what she does and leaves you extremely satisfied but wanting more.




Mistress Nichol is discreet, professional and communicates incredibly well. But that's not the half of it!


If, like me, you've visited various Mistresses over the years, in the hope of turning some extreme fantasy into reality, and then afterwards, for various reasons you've left slightly disappointed. Reality somehow fell short of fantasy. Well, NOT THIS TIME! 


I first contacted Mistress by phone, and from the moment I heard her voice, I suspected that she might be special, even unique. And my premonition turned out to be VERY accurate, in EVERY sense of the word!


I made the six-hour journey from Sussex especially to see Mistress Nichol and believe me, the long drive was WELL AND TRULY worth the effort!  It's a journey I will be making again and again!


Mistress Nichol is a consummate professional, oozing sexual prowess and confidence from head to toe. She is clever and cunning and uses psychology to get inside your head, read your mind and manipulate you and your sexual fantasies to give a TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE,  MIND-BLOWING EXPERIENCE which will TOTALLY EXCEED ALL EXPECTATIONS by a mile! 


I'm a confident man by nature, but  I felt nervous having wanted to meet with her for so long. The scenario I wanted to act out was something I consider taboo. I'd attempted it with other Mistresses but I'd always chickened out at the last minute, and left before the end of the session. Each and every time, I  regretted it afterwards and therefore felt I needed a more assertive Mistress who wouldn't  PERMIT me to back out, a Mistress who wouldn't take 'NO' for an answer!  Well, I FOUND HER! Her name is Mistress Nichol!


Mistress Nichol has a powerful aura and I found myself trembling with fear and excitement right from the very start of our sessionFrom the instant I stepped foot in her studio she took COMPLETE and TOTAL control and she never gave me the SLIGHTEST opportunity, at ANY  point, of regaining it, or anything even REMOTELY resembling it! In fact, by using clever psychology, her power over me became greater and greater as the session progressed and I ended up completely at her mercy, doing things for her that I'd never imagined!


Mistress Nichol has great knowledge and understanding of the physical side of sex and sexual fantasies, but even more amazing is her deep understanding of the psychological and mental aspect of control and submission. And trust me you will want to experience what power that knowledge has given her.


She even filmed and photographed EVERYTHING that happened and cleverly manipulated me into revealing my real name and actual address. So now her power is absolute and it looks like I am to become her blackmail slave. She says she intends to publish both the video and all of the photographs of my humiliating session on her websites and that in future I am to become her permanent film-slave.


So, if you are interested in seeing what happened, you will be able to!


Mistress Nichol will totally and completely BLOW YOUR MIND  and, if you haven't already visited her, you need to NOW! You won't regret it, I promise you!

Slave Paul



Mistress Nichol


Thank you for a exceptional session yesterday. Although nervous during the initial contact via the phone you where the consummate professional and i found myself quite openly discussing what fetishes to explore with Mistress's expert advice, and was thoroughly delighted when a time, date and play mode was agreed.


On the day following your precise instructions after texting a confirmation earlier, I easily found Mistress's premises (which is adjacent to Leigh town centre and if in my predicament, reliant on public transport , very accessible). And at the allocated time upon entering Mistress's premises i was instantly made to feel welcome with a courteous Mistress showing me to her playroom before going over the role play scenario and answering any relevant queries.


The playroom is exactly as the pictures in My Chambers section of Mistress's impressive website, spotlessly clean and warm with a abundance of tools and implements on display . Once play commenced, Mistress's demeanour changed, i felt compelled to follow every instruction and whim this beautiful but intimidating lady commanded.


During the two hour session all fetishes requested where expertly covered with lots of additional ones imaginatively brought it when Mistress though it was appropriate, especially the games with consequences which require a lot of concentration. The entire session was a thoroughly enjoyable experience (even the self inflicted 80 strokes !).


At the session end I thought it was particularly nice to have a prolonged chat with Mistress, before departing, and most definitely will be returning.





Hi Mistress. I would just like to take the opportunity to say "Thank you" regarding my first session with you recently. It was everything I expected & more! I was buzzing on the way home & the experience has stayed with me ever since. You understood my needs & limitations but knew how to push my boundaries even further knowing that you can increase my pain threshold in future sessions, especially with the CP. It was an honour to be dominated, controlled & punished by such a beautiful Dominatrix as yourself, & I look forward to our next encounter. Yours Sincerely, Chris. x

(Also by Chris)

Hi Mistress. I would just like to add further from my last email something I have to share with other people considering seeing you for the first time. Speaking to you on the phone to discuss my first session with you, your sweet voice seemed to put me at ease, but that obviously gave me a false sense of security as I soon found out upon entering your chambers on that first encounter with you. Your voice was quite stern & your approach to me was also strict, not to mention the punishment that followed. This only proves of course, how clever you can hide that sadistic streak but reveal it fully when in session. I hope this serves to make others fully aware not to take your sweet nature on the phone for granted, as they will soon see a different side to you once in session, as I did,& come to realise what a professional you are,& that it is a job you actually love as a lifestyle. See you soon, Kind Regards, Chris. x




It was 9.30pm on Friday evening and I was relaxing with a glass of wine when, as I do every hour, I checked my emails to see if there was one from Mistress. Wow! What a pleasant surprise to find one. It was fantastic! A summons! “I want you here at 12.30 tomorrow”. There was no explanation of why, but, as Mistress’ slave, I don’t need any reason other than Mistress has summoned me. I couldn’t wait to reply to say that I had received Mistress’ call and would, naturally, be there on time; I quickly altered what I had planned to do and went to bed in a euphoric state.


The Saturday morning seemed endless as I filled my time wondering what Mistress had waiting for me. When I arrived I waited outside until Mistress sent the text “Come” – my signal to enter. Mistress was waiting to let me. She looked magnificent in a red and black outfit showing off her fantastic figure. I was ordered to enter her playroom and strip. In there, I was amazed to find a blindfolded sub already waiting for his first ever Forced Bi experience!


Mistress had trained him with a dildo to give oral sex and he was now to do it for real on my cock. It was his first time so Mistress gave me a condom to put on as he had begged her not to have me spunk in his mouth. He had been well trained by Mistress and it was difficult not to cum in the first couple of minutes, but I knew Mistress would have punished me had I done so. Unsurprisingly, Mistress turned the tables and ordered me to suck the other sub’s cock, but to stop short of making him cum. As my wet mouth enclosed his cock, I could feel it harden and stiffen. Eventually, she allowed him his release by using one of her vibrators on his cock herself.


Mistress has a stated aim of wanting to use me in as much forced bi as possible. She has trained me to give and take both oral and anal to a level that meets her very high standards. I know that, although I will always have to do whatever Mistress commands, Mistress will discuss in advance with you exactly how far you wish to go in your forced bi session.


Many people waste Mistress’ time by getting cold feet and backing out. Be assured that, whether you are a first-timer or more experienced, Mistress will make it a memorable session for you at whatever level you agree in advance.


Mistress Nichols Slave.




I have visited many Mistresses, trying to find one who really lives the lifestyle and sees subs/slaves because she genuinely enjoys doing this. Many make this claim, but are only after clients’ cash and do what amounts to formulaic sessions to a fixed script.


I had become very dispirited in my search until I came across Mistress Nichol’s website. That in itself is a superb creation. I can’t say exactly why, but it gave me a gut reaction that Mistress Nichol is different. I decided that I would not contact her directly in the first instance, but would introduce myself by ordering her a present from her gift list. It proved to be an acceptable way of breaking the ice. And Mistress agreed to meet me.


At this first meeting, Mistress sat me down and asked me many questions about my experiences, my limitations and my expectations. At first I was extremely nervous, not knowing what to expect, but Mistress soon helped me overcome my trepidation. Very quickly, I realised that my instinct about Mistress Nichol was going to be correct and that I would do anything to show that I could prove worthy enough to be one of her slaves.


When she was happy that she knew enough about my submissive nature and needs, she began my new life as her slave. It was a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, although the latter became the former as I tried to take as much as I could. The whole session came to the most fantastic climax.


When I recovered and Mistress had ordered me to dress, she commanded me to sit while we chatted about what had happened and what the way forward would be (happily, she was prepared to accept me as a slave). One of the things we talked about was the possibility of my becoming a forced-bi slave for her. I couldn’t believe it, but quickly agreed as, after just this one meeting, I knew that I wanted to be owned by Mistress Nichol and would do anything to serve and please her.

“You don’t want this, you need this!”


Just one look into my eyes and Mistress Nichol had me figured out. Seconds later, I was on my knees and gazing back into her hypnotic eyes. Dressed in a black catsuit with beautiful red boots, I eagerly worshipped this goddess as a collar was placed around my neck. I was taking the first step into being owned by this beautiful lady. A gas mask hugged my face and poppers soon had me drifting. Secured to a cross on the wall, Mistress made her mark, biting into my nipples and clamping them ever so tight. The pain didn’t even register, I was blissfully unaware.


The gloss from her lips was soon painted onto my face. The idea of being fully feminised was teased then cruelly taken away. With each pull of the leash now attached to my collar, I crawled around desperately wanting to please my goddess and begging for my limits to be pushed. Mistress poured lube over my bulging manhood, before pulling back the foreskin and ordering me to fuck her boots. With each pelvic thrust, she peered down and smiled. I was falling deeper under her spell. A flick of hot ash from her cigarette was endured before Mistress brought out the machinery to set up an explosive climax. Resistance was futile. As I counted from 1-10, the vibrations ensured I was duly milked. Collapsing back onto my knees, I felt complete and fulfilled. I re-affirmed my devotion to a truly beautiful lady and Mistress Nichol accepted me as her latest recruit.


The journey to being collared and owned has just begun and I can’t wait for my next visit.


Slave Ste xx




I had been thinking about getting a mistress for some years now and feel the urge has always been there to do so.

I was looking for the perfect mistress for me on the internet when i came across mistress nichol, as soon as i seen her i knew this was the mistress i had been fantasizing about.

When i called her up to book a session her powerful voice had my imagination going crazy already. she made me very comfortable straight away and was very easy to talk to.

I arrived at her house and the front door opened, as i came through the door she was stood there in pvc out fit with thigh high boots on smoking a cigarette.

Instantly i was rock hard and her powerful eyes had me in a trance straight away. We then went into her playroom and she explained to me the rules of being a slave and asked me what my limits were.


She then asked me to take my clothes of and then cuffed me to the wall. i felt completely helpless to her and at that moment knew i was in her hands. she talked really dirty to me really close to my ear.and ran her long nails down my body making me quiver. she then kept teasing and denying me orgasm until i felt like begging her to let cum. she also did a little bit of electro play with me and attached 2 pads to my nipples.


It sent vibrations going through my whole body making my dick tingle, i have never felt anything like it. she also used another sex toy called hitachi magic wand and it was more than magic she pressed it right against the head of my dick and my body started shaking, at his point i was at bursting point and had to ask mistresses permission to cum. then she gave me permission and it was the best orgasm i have ever had in my life.


This was my first time with mistress nichol and it definitely will not be the last i cant wait to serve here again. x




Hi Mistress Nichol,

Many many thanks for the appointment and the opportunity to worship your boots, the boots from a fantastic and strong woman!!

Next time it’ll be great when I can visit you again (by train) and worship you wonderful woman, you are a woman where I wish to be under her heels.

Many many thanks and I wish you the best and I kiss your boots in my heart.




I originally contacted Mistress Nichol after reading her wonderful website.

My initial apprehension at contacting Mistress Nichol was quickly soothed by her response. Mistress Nichol was very positive and gently encouraged me into explaining what I wanted to experience and it instantly became obvious that Mistress Nichol was a genuine passionate Mistress.

Mistress Nichol’s style is very sensual and intelligent but do not let that fool you as she will control your mind and body.

There is no heavy dungeon but her playroom is more than adequately equipped when you include Mistress Nichol’s true passion for domination.

I have sessioned with Mistress Nichol several times now and each session has been more intense than the last. Mistress Nichol has an ability to get inside your head, she seems to understand me better than I understand myself.

I started out wanting to serve Mistress and now she has made me realise that I need to serve her.




I’ve been one of Mistress Nichol’s playthings for a couple of months. We keep in touch via email, twitter and skype – but the chastity cage, panties, butt plug, sweet shame and pleasure are all very real. And one day I’ll find my way up to Manchester…


She is beautiful and looks good in boots, but the place where she shines brightest is in my mind. She doesn’t repeat my fantasies back to me, or play to a script – but talks to me, understands me better than I understand myself, nurtures me and leads me. I find myself this week in a place I wouldn’t have predicted three weeks ago. I don’t know where I’ll be next month, but I suspect she knows. Her style, with me at least, isn’t shouty, or focussed on pain or orders, but she quiety expects – and gets – my submission. Some days the play is in the background of my life, little reminders, a few words. Other days it is more intense. What we do adapts imaginatively to the rest of our lives, as it must with submission which extends beyond a brief scene.


I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you’re looking for an adventure, get in touch with Mistress Nichol. If you do, I suspect that like me, you’ll still have a twinkle in your eye long after the other guys have thrown away their tissues.




Today was the day I did my first ever session with the one and only true Goddess, Mistress Nichol.


I had been wanting to do a session with Goddess for quite some time now but never could find the courage to ask her. I would visit her website frequently and from looking through Mistress’s gallery, I knew that I had to worship her. So after reading through some of the reviews by other slaves and her “how to book a session“, I decided I would finally ask Goddess to make me her slave.


After sending mistress a few messages and emails and then speaking to her over the phone, she comforted me, and then we discussed some of my fetishises. I had finally booked a session with Mistress Nichol. I had never felt so scared and excited in my life.


The day had finally arrived throughout the whole day the only thing going through my mind was how I have been given the privilege of being able to worship such a Goddess and how I would worship and serve Mistress Nichol in order to please her. I finally arrived at Goddess’s front door. As I knocked on her door my heart started racing even faster and all I could think of was that any minute now, I would be in the presence of a Goddess that I have only ever dreamt
about worshipping.


I knocked on Mistress’s door and she opened it and asked who I was. I introduced myself and then she let me in and then shut the door. I was finally stood in front of Mistress. I was trembling I had my head down and then Mistress ordered me to look at her. There I was stood in front of Goddess. I was in the presence of perfection. Mistress then walked into a room and called me in. As I walked in, I stood in front of her as she asked me a few questions and made me feel at ease, even though she was in control.


Mistress then made me take my clothes of and I was told to kneel before Goddess. I was finally in my place kneeling before Mistress Nichol. As Goddess sat in front of me, she started to light a cigarette, and I felt as though I was being blessed as Mistress blew the smoke in my face. Mistress then pulled me by the collar she had put around my neck, as she pulled my head and put it right up next to her face. I felt honoured as Mistress then ordered me to open my mouth as she spat in to it. I had Mistress’s holy spit In my mouth! I could have only begged her for more. Mistress then allowed me to worship her divine ass I could not believe the thrilling sensation and I felt I didn’t want to stop!


Mistress then ordered me to start licking her boots. As I was worshipping her boots, all I could think about was Goddess’s holy feet and how close I was to having them in my mouth. After I finished licking her boots, I was told to take them off. I was so excited! There they where! Goddess’s holy feet! I was in awe at how perfect they were. I finally had Mistress Nichol’s holy feet in my mouth. I started sucking each toe and then the sole of Mistress’s holy feet. I have never tasted anything so great in my life they tasted heavenly.


I can only hope that I was good slave to Mistress. It was such a privilege to worship you Goddess. Thank you so much and I hope to see you again very soon.

Thank you Mistress Nichol





What can I say about you and our sessions. I have thought long and hard about what to write, I wish to write a bad review so slaves do not come and worship you. But that be so wrong, as you no doubt one if not the best Mistress I have worshipped in my many years as a slave.

It goes without saying you our beautiful , sexy ,powerful a true goddess in every sense . But most of all a person who understands the needs of her slaves, and takes great pride in making us enjoy our time under your control.

What can I say about our sessions, nothing as that time is just for me, but I am sure no one does not live for his time with you.

Slave A




From: Sub S.

Visiting a real mistress for the first time I was mixed with nerves and excitement… And then throughout most of my session I was nerves (in a good way) and excitement.


The session started with Mistress Nichol giving me the instructions I just follow during the session but in a dominant and in role. After this I was made to strip item at a time until I was naked. Mistress had to have a closer look at my penis as it was soft, small and hard to see at the time. After I was collared and leashed I had the immense honour of worshiping and cleaning mistresses very sweaty feet. They smelt and tasted amazing I was such a lucky boy!


I was then made to lay on the floor while mistress put her foot on my face and a bit of face sitting. Mistress then wanted a cigarette, but she didn’t have an ashtray so I got the privilege of serving this role, mistress was kind enough to help the ash down with her devine spit. I then endured some tease and denial. My cock was solid and with just a layer of PVC between my cock and her I was so close but so far from ever it being allowed near a true Goddess! It was really hard knowing id never get that. Mistress then tied and teased me for a bit which felt amazing and being blindfolded made me feel vulnerable. Mistress then let me down and decided to have another cigarette. I got to enjoy her amazing feet while she enjoyed her cigarette, I stopped worshiping when she needed me as an ashtray.


By this point I was very relaxed around mistress and was really turned on by worshiping her feet and watching her smoke. Mistress allowed me to cum while watching her smoke and no lie it was one of the best orgasms of my life that I can remember. After that I felt totally drained, I’d been through an amazing mental and physical hour.


Mistress allowed me to get changed and chat about the session and other things in general relaxed. I would 100% recommended a first timer as she is sensual but can also be sadistic. If she would allow me back I would definitely snap that opportunity up in an instance.


Thank you Mistress Nichol



Prior to meeting Mistress Nichol in collarspace.com I used to spend my time trawling through the timewasters and so called Dominants which only caused distress and wallet draining so much so I was on the verge of giving up.We exchanged a few messages and arranged to skype which was a rather lovely situation to be in. Once I saw Her I fell head over heels as Her beauty is astounding and I was smitten. We agreed to a term of chastity and because I already had a device and a plastic numbered lock the device was fitted that very day which was a week ago .


During the days after locking I was obviously aroused but felt completely content in the knowledge I had met and commited to the most amazing Mistress. Any sissy/slave who thinks that they want a true Dominant look no further than Mistress Nichol …..personally im on cloud 9 floating into sissy wonderland and everything feels fantastic and very very right.


Submissive regards





Met by a vision like a mixture of all my most dark erotic dreams, i was let into a perfect playroom, slowly undressed examined and treated like the toy I am.  The fragrance and sensuality of Mistress Nichol was almost overpowering to me and my adrenaline went into overload.  


She oozed power but was soft and gentle as the occasion demanded.  Her display of pure feminine charm and sexuality had me on the edge of orgasm, of course denied until many hours later when far away I was given permission and had the most intense solo ejaculation of my life.  


The next time cannot arrive soon enough, my mind awash the the anticipation of the pain and pleasure that will arrive.  From a single visit it is clear that this is a Mistress unlike any other. I am lost to her spell and have found completeness.

 Mistress’s toy




I arrived a little early for my appointment with Mistress Nichol and was told firmly not to arrive before a certain time. THis gave me plenty of time for the nerves to set in…
i entered the room with eyes lowered as instructed in the email my heart was in my mouth….Kneel
i dropped to the floor as instructed, this was the start.


Mistress Nichol is an expert in the art of Female Domination. Without raising her voice she turned me in to a quivering wreck, eager to please and completely hers. i am a lucky boy for having had the opportunity to serve Mistress Nichol and hope to be lucky enough to serve her again.