Beginners Sessions

Mistress and Sub



So you are a beginner.  And that’s a problem?  Of course not!  We were all beginners once remember.  But SOMETHING brought you to me.  


The mistake that a lot of brand new beginners make is calling a Mistress on the phone saying “I don’t know what my fetishes are”.  Yes you do.


If person A is a “vanilla” (a non-kink liking person) then they would never find me.  Only person B, who likes things a little different.. a little harder.. a little more intricate than person A, will ever find me. 


That person is you.


So when you make that first contact, do your  best to tell Mistress what it is that brought you to her… or more specifically, to me.  Up to now, you haven’t been able to openly talk about these types of interests.  You have possibly been afraid of being frowned upon.. judged negatively, unfairly of course. 


Now, you don’t need to be.  There is nothing you can tell me that I haven’t heard before and I don’t even understand what it is to feel “shocked”.  


But if you reach the point where you really cannot put into words how you feel about needing to submit to a Mistress, (because it IS a need rather than a “want”), then I can arrange the perfect beginners session for you without needing a whole lot of input from you.  Of course, the more you can share with me, the better it is for you, eventually.


For a clueless beginner, I like to lightly experiment with several different domination styles; from somewhat warm and comforting through to hard, harsh and merciless.  I equally like to touch over several tools and pieces of equipment as we go through the session; all the while watching you closely and reading your body language to decide where your real submission buttons are.  I have NEVER yet sessioned with anyone whom hasn’t reached a submission point, enough to let me take them into their “head space” in a very short time.


What it takes, I will find your inner sub.  Put your trust in me.  Listen and act upon my every quiet word, and feel yourself falling deeper under my spell.  


I cannot wait to feel your eyes upon me…


Contact Me here and let’s discuss your unforgettable first session with me. 


Same day bookings taken for calls made between 9am - 12pm