Extreme Blackmail


You have one goal.

Extreme Blackmail.



No games.  No trivial chit chat or silly tasks.

You have a void in your life.

I intend to fill that void.



You need a purpose once again.

I am that purpose.




Sometimes, you don’t want silly tasks to do.  You have neither the time nor the inclination for that.

You don’t want to (or can't) have chats on Whatsapp or similar with a Mistress.  You don’t find it necessary.

You might not even have a set end date in mind, as you would with an ordinary Consensual Blackmail contract of mine.

You may choose to open a separate bank account, giving me the only cash card that you pay your debt into.




Here is an example of a popular request:


  • No end date. No set payment amount or frequencies.
  • Just 1 debt of a total set amount that is “owed” to Mistress Nichol.
  • Payable over a period of a year, including taxes and interest, as set by Mistress.  She alone decides how much and how often this debt is paid.
  • No buy-out clause option.  Just a clear “debt” that must be paid, or private and personal information given to Mistress Nichol at the start of the blackmail period (and entered into the contract) shall be released just as promised, to the public and the world wide web.

One “debt” decided by you, owed to me, in order to make up for all the wrongs you have done.

One interest rate (if needed).


HERE is MoneySupermarkets Loan Calculator with

variable interest rates.


One buy out clause, set high enough to make you sweat but not utterly unattainable.

(unless that’s how you want it!)


OR maybe there is no buy-out clause at all….


Are you ready?


To discuss your ideal Extreme Blackmail scenario.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Wherever in the world you are, I have several easy, convenient ways for you to pay.

You may either contact me for a payment link which is like a small invoice to your phone that you can pay with a debit or credit card.

Or You can request my UK bank info with BIC code.

Or you can contact me directly and I will set up a payment via MY SHOP payment process, securely handled by Visa / Mastercard.

Where there's a sub who desires....  there's always a way....