Just a few more days...

Published on 8 April 2021 at 12:24

I am beyond excited at being back at my chambers!!


Today, I am there .. and will be for the next few days, giving the place the once over, ensuring its perfectly ready for my toys to come and play from this coming Monday 12th april.


A small handful of fetishes are not available at the moment but the interests that most of you enjoy are back on my naughty menu once again.


This includes:


Double Domme (Currently with the Twisted Sisters ONLY)

Coerced Bi

Cage Time

Foot worship ... to name but a few.


Check with me first to ensure your session is available if you are in any doubt.


Due to these uncertain times, sessions will only be available 3/4 days per week, allowing me down time in between days to ensure my chambers are kept as sanitised and as clean as possible.  This is for your safety as well as my own.  I DO provide hand sanitiser in my Chambers and I will expect ALL visitors to use it.  Ideally, you will have had your Covid Jab already (at least the first one) but I accept that currently, this is only certain age groups.  However, whilst I do not come into those age groups, I HAVE already been fully inoculated against C-19.  Visiting me will still and always be at your own risk.  


I look forward to seeing you very soon!