The Twisted Sisters



Here is a very special treat indeed for you!


My real life sister, (yes, really!) Mistress Candy, is now available alongside me for Double Domme sessions! 


Mistress Missy is of course my "Kink-Sister", as always, and is still available with me.. but I can ALSO now offer you the divine naughty pleasure of meeting 2 Mistress Sisters .. who are indeed more than a little bit Twisted..


Together, we are an unbelievable team.  We know each other inside out and we know what makes each other tick without even having to speak. 









Mistress Candy has been around on the scene for quite a few years now in her own right but after a short break away, she has now decided to come onboard with me, Mistress Nichol, and together, we aim to give you session times you will never, ever forget! 


Standing at 5ft 10 tall in her heels, Mistress Candy is a powerhouse of a woman to be reckoned with - not forgetting her very sadistic streak and overpowering physical strength!  Soft and sweet as Candy she most certainly isn't... but then, if you wanted a sweet Mistress, you certainly wouldn't be looking at my website!



As a Double Domme duo, together we are commanding, demanding and down right debauched, and Mistress Candy and I cannot wait to get our talons into you.  A truly formidable team!


Mistress Candy is available at various times each week and weekend.





Just the same as me, Mistress Candy is NOT EVER going to have sex with you on any level ... asking her for this is considered incredibly disrespectful and guaranteed to hurt you... a whole lot!