LIVE STREAMING - COERCEDBI! (Sunday 26th June - 2pm)

Published on 23 June 2022 at 16:34

Yes, I've decided that whilst voting is still open, I am going to host my first LIVESTREAM of the year

this coming Sunday 26th June at 2pm - Coerced bi.

This stream will run for between 20 - 30 mins and is with Google Meets.

Want to watch one of my sissys sucking cock for real?

Want to see how Coerced bi goes, as it happens?




Simple.  The cost for this to you is £10.  You can send this either directly to my bank or via my CashApp - payment details can be found on my TRIBUTES section. 


I will use both EMAILS and WHATSAPP to invite you to GOOGLE MEETS around 10 - 15 minutes before our planned start time. 


PLEASE ENSURE when you send your payment that you tell me if you wish to use your email or WhatsApp to receive your invite code.  Without this, I will not be able to invite you to the meeting.


If you wish to receive your code via email.. I shall need your email address with your payment.

If you wish to receive your code via WhatsApp.. I shall need your mobile number with your payment.

BOTH of these shall only be used by me ONE TIME to send you the invite code.  Your details will be used for no other purpose and will be deleted once the show is over.


Never used Google Meets?  Not a problem.  When you receive the invite code from me on the day, if you don't already have what you need installed on your phone, the app itself will take you to the download page and tell you exactly what to do.  No pre-rehearsal needed.  This is why you will receive your code before the actual start of the meet .  You WILL NOT be able to speak to me during the stream.   You will be able to see and hear me perfectly fine.  I will not be able to see or hear you... and neither will anyone else.  So you are free to quietly and privately enjoy the viewing from wherever you are.


You will receive your viewing invite link just before our start time.

You will be prompted to install Google Meets app if you don't already have it. 

You will then be taken to a viewing room where you will need to click to be admitted.


Please read the simple instructions below carefully.






Once your cam and mic are off, click "ASK TO JOIN".  I will admit you to the room once I am ready for you.  


Again - DO NOT enter the room with mic and cam still switched on.  Ensure they are both off simply by clicking them each once.


The show will last 20 - 30 mins and once it ends, the stream will end and that's that.


*PLEASE NOTE:  I am NOT responsible for any issues you may have no being able to connect.  If you receive the link to the viewing room, my LIVE STREAM is going ahead.  Any issues that arise at your end are your problem and not mine.  No refunds once you have entered the Live stream room.  








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