IMPORTANT Major Changes

Published on 17 September 2021 at 22:36

Much has been happening...

Yes, my kinky darlings, it's fair to say, it's been a crazy time recently!


One day last week, I walked into my Chambers in Leigh to find out part of the ceiling in my rental apartment had collapsed.




Fortunately, no-one was in the Chambers when it happened so I and my personal "toys" are all safe and well.  I have had some "ongoing" issues with my Chambers, as some of you will already be aware.  My main point has been fixing my damaged roof.  Sadly, a constant "patch-up job" was never going to be a permanent fix.  The result of the lack of landlord effort has been my roof collapse.


So, 48 hours after discovering the issue, I moved out of my Chambers.


I have now relocated!


Getting out so quickly has resulted in having to move into a residential property and use one of the spare rooms in the property for my Chambers for the time being.  This unfortunately means my chambers are now much smaller than my previous property in Leigh.  BUT, I have my bench here and all of my toys and implements.. and of course the most important feature of all - myself!  Safe, well and ready to taunt and tease you!


See below for a few sneak peaks of my new playroom.


New Available Times from Monday 20th September 2021


I am now based in Atherton, Manchester, and my new available times are also now in motion.


So, new time slots in a smaller but much safer new place!


My new hours of sessioning are as follows, and repeated throughout my website;


  • Monday - Thursday - 5pm until 8pm Inclusive
  • Friday - Saturday - 10am - 8pm Inclusive
  • Sundays MUST be booked in advance - NO same day sessions.


Phone calls and texts answered between 10am - 4pm WHEN POSSIBLE.  If I do not answer, please feel free to text me and I will reply asap.

Withheld number calls will ALWAYS be ignored.  Calls outside of my stated hours will be blocked without question.


Mistress appreciates you doing as requested and respecting her personal time.

A little peak at the new Playroom in Atherton I will operate from for the time being...

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