Fees, Gifts & Tributes

My Fees




£130 – 1 hour* - See below for my permanent offer.
£180 – 90 mins
£250 – 2 hours
£375 – 3 hours
£500 – 4 hours


£30 deposit required upfront to book for first time visitors.  Subsequent sessions require no deposit.

If you pay no deposit and fail to show, therefore abusing my trust and disrespecting me, you will be blacklisted. 



*As my regular long-time loyal subs know, if you visit me more often than once per calendar month, your hourly session fee is charged at a reduced rate of £100  for your first hour of your monthly session!






£200 - 1 hour

£250 - 90 mins


50% deposit required upfront to book; no exceptions.







£250 Per Hour


50% deposit required upfront to book; no exceptions.








30 minute sessions are strictly for only

Foot Fetish Sessions

Corporal Punishment Sessions


All other sessions require a minimum of ONE FULL HOUR




For ALL other session types, contact me for further info and fee.




Gift or Tribute Me

As a naturally dominant Mistress, one of my favourite things is receiving gifts from my adoring playthings.

Whether these be cash gifts which are always welcome, I also adore receiving gifts that one would know I would specifically love.

To assist you in this, I have created this particular gifts page so you are never unsure of exactly what I may like. 



Tribute Mistress Nichol with cash

The easiest way to Tribute Me with your hard earned money, is simply clicking this link below.

It will take you to a link via my shop where you can simply choose an amount to send me and pay securely with either your Visa or Debit card.





Send Mistress Nichol a Gift


Want to buy me a physical gift but are completely clueless as to what I might like?


You can pick a gift from my Amazon wishlist if you would like me to receive a surprise physical gift from you. 


Or if you prefer, you can choose to send me an Amazon EGift voucher so I can buy something for myself.​​​​​​​  Click the link opposite, enter the amount and my email address – mistressnichol@gmail.com – and within a few minutes, I can use your voucher to buy myself whatever I wish from Amazon! 


Amazon know my address so the gift will be sent directly to me from wherever in the world you are! 


Then, simply choose to tell me the gift is from you by adding a personal gift card (so I can send you a personal thank you message), or keep it a secret by adding no card at all.. and only YOU will ever know.


Gifting me with gift cards or physical gifts just couldn’t be easier!




Click this link to go to my Amazon Wishlist

Buying from here with automatically send it to my private address.

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Click here to send an Amazon E-Gift card.  

Enter the amount and email -   mistressnichol@gmail.com   

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