Blackmail Experiences

100% Genuine- as written by the subs


This has been written by a sissy blackmail bitch, who is still with me and under a Financial Blackmail Domination Contract today…  It is of course 100% true, genuine and very very accurate.


Erotic Blackmail

I have been into BDSM all my adult life and visited many pro Mistresses over the years and played with many online. But i have all ways wanted to be totally controlled via blackmail but never found the Mistress to do this.


That was until I came across Mistress Nichol’s Twitter profile. After viewing her profile many times i got brave and sent her a message asking for more info on how the blackmail works with her. After many messages to and fro, Mistress answered all my questions very clearly and honestly. I decided to ask for the blackmail contract to be sent. After reading the contract my heart was racing at 100 miles an hour and I could feel my self getting very scared and very excited.


Once i signed the contract and agreed to send Mistress many pics of my self being dressed as a sissy and being a sissy whore i knew there was no going back. Once i pressed sent with the contract and the pics i knew Mistress would have a hold on me at all times and it was done.


Mistress then added me on skype and we chatted and she asked everything about wot makes me tick and she is very skilful on getting every bit of detail from me. She even called me on skype to chat about how she wanted to take things further and to push my limits way beyond i have ever been pushed before.


The next day I logged on to skype and Mistress had sent me lots off messages as i was reading through them i could not believe wot she had done. Only made a web page all about me with my pics showing me as a sissy and pics of sucking cock and revealing my face. Then she goes on to say that if i do not do all she ask of me she will add it to her website that she gets around 600 hits a day, unless on an advertising run, then receives around 3000 hits per day. My heart was pounding wot have I done I am what they call fucked. I will be her puppet for as long as she wants. I have no choice but to do all she ask of me.


Now Mistress has set  up a google calendar that she can access to see my whereabouts every of the day. She now has me buying PVC panties that I will have wear every day as she will leave instructions wot colour panties I have on each day.  Now Mistress is chastity training me so she has my sissy clit under control at all times.


Then she dropped the bombshell she said she is going to use some of my pics to advertise my sissy ass out for rent ,for her amusement.  I have protested this but Mistress says just shut up and get on with it or you will be exposed to every one on her website and to all her twitter followers.  So I know I do not have a choice but to do all she ask of me at all times.


Mistress has made a a date that I have to visit her and she tells me she is going to take me to a beauty salon dressed as a sissy slut to have a full make over while all the staff in the salon laugh at me.  Then she says she will take me out to find a bar where I have to pick a man up and get him to use and abuse me as he wishes while Mistress watches and takes more pics so she will have even more of a hold on me to use her blackmail skills on me .

I just can not see away out but to do all my Mistress ask of me so I’m completely blackmailed what I have all ways wanted. But as they say some times you should not wish some things to come true. oh how I wished this was not true.




Here is another review for you, from my French bitch….




A few weeks ago, I was searching on google, for a cruel blackmailing Mistress.


During this search, i found on the website of Mistress Nichol. I saw her beautiful pictures, very gorgeous. She seems very sadistic , as i like. And i read the wonderful story of one of her blackmail slave.


I was so aroused about it.


So I decided take my phone, and send Her a polite text message to tell Her i was interested in being blackmailed by Her.


She replied very politely and kindly to me, that she could accept my request , as she “looooves” blackmailing slaves.


In our first discussions she was very friendly and professional. We discussed about the terms and the period length of the contract.


She then sent me the contract and I signed it. I sent her back the contract with some few personal infos.


Then the show could go on.


Just only few hours after I sent back the signed contract, she sent me a very cruel voice message, telling me that now she got me by the balls, and I was so in deep trouble now. She laughed very hard. She also told me, that i didn’t tell my limits in the contract, so now she can do everything to me.


I was so scared and terrified because it was so true….I forgot to talk about my limits, so after her message, I really took conscious about the trouble I was…..


She totally changed her attitude. She became very very cruel to me….she do exactly what she can to keep me on my toes, and to make me feel in a perpetual state of anxiousness…


So everyday she harass me and torment me by text message or voice message.


She asks me to do very difficult task that I have lots of chance to fail….so that I have no other choice to pay her for avoiding to be outed….

now i am totally fucked…..financially and emotionally.


Mistress has a lots of weapon against me  : personal name, address, wife name, address, work name, address, and a lots of disgusting pics. She also made me recording some very incriminating message for her, where I say how I hate my wife, how I love cocks etc….


Mao reinforce my slavery and my fears.  It is only 2 weeks I am in this situation. I feel always so anxious about her next move….


But I can’t help myself, and I love her.


I will do everything to please her, because I perfectly know the evil consequences, if I don't.


If you read this, be really careful about what You wish for, or You might get it.

Mistress Nichol is the best professional blackmailatrix.


Don't mess with her or You would regret !


but on the other hand, she perfectly knows how to make You very weak, as her blackmail scenarios are very hot…and very real !





So you see, there is a very good reason why I am truly one of the very best blackmail Mistresses around.  This bitch was very correct indeed with the statement… “be careful what you wish for”.. because I am like your BDSM fairy God-Mistress.. I will ALWAYS make your wishes come true.


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